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Athletes: Rebuild Your Confidence

Our mobile apps provide instruction and exercises designed to help athletes who are stuck, struggling, and frustrated so that they can become their best again. Listen to the daily audio lessons, practice guided mindfulness meditation, and start playing with confidence again.

A Mental Health First Approach to Performance

You matter regardless of how you perform.

Stop relying on results and other people's opinions to feel like you're worth something.

You can build confidence by rediscovering how you are in control.

Stop feeling powerless and frustrated by developing a process-focused approach.

You don't get to control the world, but you do get to control your response.

Stop making things worse when things don't go according to plan, and instead learn to respond productively to whatever comes your way.

When you take care of the person first, the player can thrive.

While we love to help athletes take their game from good to great, we've realized that people usually find us when they're feeling discouraged.

Our training is designed to relieve the pressure to perform, focus on process over results, rediscover your love for the game, and stop relying on external validation to feel good about yourself.

It works because it's supported by the leading research in mental health & well-being, mindfulness, and social & emotional learning.

Get Started with a Personalized Training Plan

Download the App and

Share Your Frustrations & Goals

Download the app and you'll be prompted to send us an email with your goals, current frustrations and struggles, and the changes you want to make. Or simply click the button to send us an email.

Get Personalized Content Recommendations

Based on what you tell us in your email, we'll suggest specific content within the app to help you immediately start to address the things you want to work on.

Listen to the Content and Complete the Exercises

The app is structured to be consumed as a "daily vitamin." Open the app each day, hit play, and listen to a 2-5 minute lesson of the day before being guided through a mindfulness meditation.


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Team Subscription


  • Create a team training program.
  • Standard package includes a one-year subscription for 12 players and two coaches.
  • Save more than 50% compared to the yearly subscription.